My new love

I love my free dining room table! It's quite lovely even with the glitter, felt marks, etc. Here's the table without the leaves... With the leaves it's huge! I'm going to need to learn how to cook... Sad to say but cooking, despite my Mom being an amazing cook, is not my forte. So hopefully I'll add some new skills to my arsenal in 2010 beyond sewing and painting.

I started sanding the table. I don't think it'll be too much work to get the table fully sanded then I'll need to figure out the finish... Maybe I'll stain it with Ipswich Pine like my side dresser. It'll be one uber fabulous piece! And my two wicker dining chairs should complete the dining room set up.

Once I've finished up the sanding then staining, I'll need to figure out the mechanisms from the table... The dowels fell out when we were moving it and I had to remove the wheel so that'll be the last step on this update. The table is definitely a keeper!

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