Maybe it's too ugly

Sometimes you see something at the thrift store and know you can make it pretty. I saw a couple of things last night that were tempting but I held back and only picked up this candle holder for $6.99. And really - do I need anymore candle holders? Or chairs? Or tables? No but this candle holder will be something different when it's done... Although I looked at my purchase again this morning and wondered 'Man it is ugly - can I fix it? Make it beautiful?' Well I'm going to try!

First step is to get rid of the paint - the multitude of colour is too darn much! At first I thought I would paint over this piece but I've decided to remove as much paint as possible instead (thank god I have a heat gun - it's going to be super handy for this update). Then I'll see what I can turn this project into - maybe a plant stand. Who knows! It could be neat if I can get it back to natural wood and make it a bit rustic then give it a function.

If that fails then I'll paint it and have ANOTHER candle holder.

This weekend I'll be working on the above project then priming some old paintings I've been lugging around for AGES. These are from my brooding days of art school. Well I wasn't too brooding but these paintings are a little bit on the dreary side.

I'm going to prime my six 12" x 12" canvases and start anew. Use some colour, make them happy then hang them above my couch. I've already started to sketch out some ideas in Adobe Illustrator - no old school sketchbook these days.

And then I'll be searching for free sewing patterns for a tie. Or sewing pillow covers... Or refinishing my dresser... Yup my projects are a bit random these days but the project list is getting shorter and shorter... And shorter.

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