The longest post EVER

It's been an epic weekend! Friday afternoon I started my production line - primed my old paintings, worked on some frames and started on my uber ugly project.

I also started on a mirror update. Thursday night I dragged a mirror home. I wanted a chalkboard to go beside my front door and found the below mirror at the Salvation Army. It had tons of potential! It was $8 but the mirror was super scratched up. The frame was close to perfect so I figured I could replace the mirror with particle board, update the frame and have a pretty darn kewl chalkboard in a jiffy.

I lucked out with the donation of a piece of particle board from the Happy Cat Haven garage sale on Saturday. I was in Gibsons for the final clean out of my storage locker and managed to drop off 'stuff' at the Happy Cat Haven and make a big purchase (keep reading to see my latest acquisition)... And get a donation of particle board. Gotta love the free stuff!

My epic weekend started Friday afternoon with a lot of prep work - all those things you do that make you feel like you've accomplished nothing! Then today I managed to get quite a bit done. My chalkboard is good to go! I'll let it sit for a few days then get some chalk, hang the frame and start making pretty chalk drawings.


Buy 2, Purge 1

Awhile ago I updated an Ikea chair from the Gibsons Recycling Depot. And now I need to find a new home for it... Any friends in Vancouver looking for a chair?

My big purchase from the Happy Cat Haven garage sale was 2 chairs. They are GORGEOUS (or will be soon enough) and will fit in perfectly with my dining room table which is why my updated Ikea chair must go. I have no room!

My new to me chairs were $5 each. I won't be making pillows out of my floral Liz Claiborne fabric anymore - pillow covers have been scraped so I can update the chairs. I've got priorities and very little fabric!

As you can see, the chairs didn't originally have cushions so I'm hoping the makeshift cushions will be easy to update and reattach to the chairs. Hopefully I won't have any issues but you never know!

The chairs had some imperfections (paint, burn marks and gashes) but after some sanding then oiling I think they're looking much better! They'll be uber fabulous once I update the upholstery.



Maybe It's Less Ugly?

This project was a definite ugly duckling to begin with. My 'eye' for projects with potential was called into question... Even I doubted this piece could be anything other than ugly (and apparently it was more ugly in person). The consensus was that this was not actually a candle holder but the bottom of 'something'... Not sure what though!


This weekend I primed and painted this piece then roughed it up a bit. Next I'll need to figure out how to finish it... Maybe a ceramic bowl can sit on top or a plant... I'll see what I can do!


Last But Not Least

And finally my Mom updated some plant pots for me so I have these outside my front door.

Lets see if I can manage to keep them alive and healthy... Plants and cooking will definitely be new challenges for me but if I can conquer updating chairs from the dump or sewing pillow covers from recycled wool sweaters - I can easily deal with plants and cooking! Maybe? ;-P

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