It's FINALLY done!

That darn magazine rack is done! I've learnt my lesson... Any piece of furniture that's painted mauve is one difficult project to update even if it's only $10. Especially when you want to update it off-white!



Now I've refinished two of my three bedroom pieces... All three will be Art Deco updates with a shabby chic off-white finish. Next weekend is the dresser!

I was able to attain some consistency between piece #1 and piece #2 - I have the off-white theme happenin' plus I have the same drawer pulls on both pieces. I used brass pulls retrieved from the Sechelt dump from months ago.

Bedroom Update #1

Bedroom Update #2

This week I'll do some sewing then next weekend it's all about painting! I'm on a mission... :-)


  1. What a nice little piece and so functional! Looks great :-)

  2. I agree - it's very sweet! More so now that it's done! The mauve paint was brutal... Plus the black paint underneath.

    The weird things people do to furniture... ;-P

  3. Awesome! Looks SOOO much better!

  4. Thanks Robby! I'm really happy with the end of result. Not bad for $10 and many HOURS of scraping/sanding!