Another one bites the dust

Yes the kids dresser is done! I'm going to tweek the finish tomorrow night just to make sure it's perfect or at least very close to perfect... Then it's a goner!

When I first bought it, I desperately needed a dresser and then (this always seems to happen!) I found something better! But at least I updated the dresser and it looks uber cute... New drawer pulls definitely complete a project.



Hopefully my after photos are OK. I took them at 9pm tonight! Gotta love the summer - I got a few hours of updating out of the way and the dresser should be gone in a jiffy!

That 'Nesting' Thang Again

Today I found a few items... Knick knacky type stuff for my new place. Here are a couple of the things I picked up. I was a little extravagant today but hey I'm worth it!

The mirror was $15 but I guess mirrors can be pricey. The nice thing about it is the frame and the fact that I could remove the mirror easily (I've been pretty darn clutsy these days so minimizing my potential for hurting myself is a bonus).

Then I got this candle holder - it's kewl! It was $10. I'm going to use both for my bedroom since they'll fit right in with the bedroom set I'm creating - off-white Art Deco pieces. The mirror will be off-white and I might hold off on shabby chic-ing it. Or maybe I'll change my mind and add some colour... Who knows!

I started working on the mirror while I was finishing up the dresser - I'm getting good at the assembly line updating/multitasking.

This week I should finish up the mirror just in time for my move on the weekend. I have piles of stuff here, there and everywhere. This is just one of my piles... Here's to an easy breasy move!

Note the very important purchase I made this weekend - a pound of Strait Coffee from Gibsons. YUM! Good coffee the morning after moving... Priceless!


  1. I love the new look the dresser has. The drawer pulls definitely gave it an updated look!

  2. Thanks! I love the drawer pulls especially when you use two different styles... Fun!