Sometimes you're just lucky

I've been darn lucky the past week or so. I think of something and well... It happens. Gotta love it!

I've been thinking about moving back into Vancouver and finding the right place to settle into... That happened this week. Then I was thinking I need to find a dining room table - preferably solid wood that I could refinish. That happened - looks like I'll be getting a free dining room table this weekend to refinish and keep (thanks Darshan!). I also was thinking I need a couch and that just may happen as well... So what should I think of next?!

Soon I'll post photos of my freebies - the dining room table and a set of chairs. Free stuff is FAB!

Other lucky happenings include tonight's purchase - an Art Deco night table for $15 from the Salvation Army. I started sanding this piece tonight. I spent an hour and the paint came off easily (note the pile of paint flakes)! Love the projects where you don't break a sweat!


I'm pretty sure I can start painting the night table this weekend. Maybe even finish updating it! Then I'll need to update the drawer pull. I thought I could use one of the drawer pulls I grabbed from the Sechelt dump awhile ago.

Once the night table has been updated then I can work on the Art Deco dresser I picked up at the Gibsons Recycling Depot. These two pieces will look ultra swanky together. I'm going to paint them both an off-white then shabby chic them. With the right drawer pulls they'll be keepers!

And yes I'll also be working on my magazine racks and teak lamps... This weekend will be one big assembly line of furniture refinishing!

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