A new shade, a new harp = a new lamp

My teak lamps are close to complete. I have some tweeking to do with the shade and harp but they're getting close. Yesterday I bought 2 lamp shades from Walmart for $15/each. Man secondhand lamp shades are hard to find... Well nice ones are. There are a galore of uber ugly, dated shades out there... And I've seen them!

I wanted simple drum lamp shades and I found some white ones at Walmart. I brought them home and put them on but the harps made the shades sit too high. I grabbed a harp from another lamp update and it worked! The lamps look very elegant now that I have new shades and the right harp.

I thought of updating the fabric on the shades but I won't be keeping these lamps so will leave them as is. I'll post more photos once I have both lamps done.

Recent Finds

I've found some fun stuff these days. So fun that I think I'll be keeping these finds.

First I bought two wicker dining chairs for $15/each. I initially bought them because they were such a good deal. As they sit there waiting for a home, I find myself wondering if I should keep them.

I can see them in my new place in the dining room with maybe a funky pillow on them or some sort of fabric draped on them. I have to admit - they are darn comfortable too!

Next I got six 12" x 12" pieces of dark brown cork for free. I want to display these with some old paintings I have that are also 12" x 12". I need to figure out the best way to mount the cork. I thought of frames but that would be expensive so we'll see. Send your suggestions if you have any!

Once I figure out how to mount these then I'll update my canvases. I think I can come up with a fun way to display both.

Yesterday I found this glass container for $14 at the Salvation Army. It was more money than I usually pay but it was worth it. At least I haven't bought more chairs or lamps lately!

Project Update

Now it's time to get back into the groove. I took a breather last weekend and now feel revived and ready to conquer some forgotten projects. I must have this thing for art deco type pieces! My 2 magazine racks are the next projects for me to complete. At least most of the sanding has been done on these so soon I can move onto painting them.

Now I'm off to sand!


  1. Hey if you can't find anything to do with those dining chairs, send em my way :-)

    Did you enter Better After's ugly lamp contest?


  2. Well if you ever make it to Vancouver you can have the chairs! ;-)

    I didn't enter! I didn't think my lamp was ugly enough... It was quite scary before I painted it but maybe not scary enough... lol