My lamp transformation in progress

I'm still working through my pile of projects. Next are the teak lamps I bought a long time ago. They were uber ugly so I painted the ceramic an off-white. Yesterday I did a final coat of paint then added a coat of varathane. I'll leave the lamps for now (no rewiring required!) and will focus on finding lamp shades. Unfortunately my $3 lamp shades didn't work with these lamps! The shades didn't sit low enough... Bummer!

I'm on the look out for something with a simple design. I don't mind updating the shade's fabric to suit the lamps but they have to be the right shape. I'm searching for either an oval or drum lamp shade. Hopefully I get lucky!

Here's the transformation so far...



Mission Status

My mission was to complete the following in the next 2 months: 2 end tables, 2 magazine racks, a small dresser, 1 floor lamp, 1 trolley, 2 vintage lamps, 1 desk lamp and 4 of my 6 teak chairs.

Projects done: 2 end tables, 1 trolley and 4 of my 6 teak chairs.

Outstanding projects: 2 magazine racks, a small dresser, 1 floor lamp, 2 vintage lamps and 1 desk lamp... Plus my 2 teak lamps. The list will probably get bigger! :-)