Boring can be beautiful

Yes a boring, easy update can be a thing of beauty. My $10 trolley has been taken apart, sanded, oiled and is now back together within 1 hour. I think I'll keep the trolley - it's functional and fits with the other updates I plan to keep.

The trolley reminds me of the old library trolleys from my days in... Hmmm... Elementary school. Yikes that definitely ages me!



My Boring Update...

I took apart the trolley on the weekend. Just four pieces to sand and oil then put back together. The shelves are veneer so I did a light sand to get most of the scratches and imperfections out. The nice thing about teak/tung oil is it seems to soften the glitches so the sanding doesn't need to be perfect.

Gotta love older furniture and how it's put together - 4 pieces of wood and a bunch of screws make a trolley. Just like the free leather chair - wood, screws, some dowel and two strips of leather then you have a super funky chair!

Recent Finds...

I finally found a pair of lamp shades that would be perfect for updating... And were uber cheap! I picked this pair up for $3. They are desperate for beatifying... And I have a couple of sets of lamps that need shades. Now I just need to find the right fabric.

I put the shades on my estate sale lamps - they looked horrible! So I'm hoping they suit my teak lamps that I put aside awhile ago. I have to finish painting the ceramic part of these lamps then find shades. These shades could be it!

I'll post recent photos of the teak lamps this weekend. I painted the ceramic an off-white - I'll finish the painting ASAP then I'm going to search out fabric!

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