4 down, 2 to go

Here they are! Four of my six teak chairs are done. The final two will have to wait a few weeks since Paul is away and he's doing the upholstery.

Today I dragged the chairs outside and inserted the plugs Paul cut from a dowel. I couldn't find plugs with the correct dimensions so we went with plan B - the dowel.

I had to sand the plugs once they were inserted. Then I added teak oil but they seemed too light.

This afternoon I grabbed a stain marker from Home Depot to darken the plugs. I think they look much better! I can always darken them up again if need be.

Hopefully my update makes these chairs lovable again! They certainly were pretty darn yucky when I picked them up.


This set of four cost $40, the ultra suede was free and the labour... Well mine wasn't too bad but Paul certainly spent a lot of time reupholstering the chairs... All in all - a worthwhile update!

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