White & a teeny tiny bit of colour

OK so I wasn't all that into white but this weekend EVERYTHING is being painted white... Well off-white but still 'white'. But then there will be one project to be posted tomorrow (if I keep up with my project update craziness) that won't be white. The projects are happenin' this weekend!

I finished the night table. It looks better... Maybe boring? Not sure. I was thinking I could have a FAB bedroom set - the night table, the dresser and one of the magazine racks - all updated in a shabby chic off-white with brass drawer pulls. We'll see if I keep them and stick to that plan!

The good thing about white is I can bring colour into my bedroom with a funky duvet cover or super snazzy pillows... Or uber kewl knick knacks... Well gee the world is my oyster! :-)


Here's a close up of the night table...

Here's a close up of the drawer pull I decided to use - it's from the Sechelt dump...

Tomorrow is going to be exciting! I pick up my free dining room table then my teak lamps will be done and I'll be painting one of the magazine racks. And then I have 'real' work to do... Bummer!


Sometimes you're just lucky

I've been darn lucky the past week or so. I think of something and well... It happens. Gotta love it!

I've been thinking about moving back into Vancouver and finding the right place to settle into... That happened this week. Then I was thinking I need to find a dining room table - preferably solid wood that I could refinish. That happened - looks like I'll be getting a free dining room table this weekend to refinish and keep (thanks Darshan!). I also was thinking I need a couch and that just may happen as well... So what should I think of next?!

Soon I'll post photos of my freebies - the dining room table and a set of chairs. Free stuff is FAB!

Other lucky happenings include tonight's purchase - an Art Deco night table for $15 from the Salvation Army. I started sanding this piece tonight. I spent an hour and the paint came off easily (note the pile of paint flakes)! Love the projects where you don't break a sweat!


I'm pretty sure I can start painting the night table this weekend. Maybe even finish updating it! Then I'll need to update the drawer pull. I thought I could use one of the drawer pulls I grabbed from the Sechelt dump awhile ago.

Once the night table has been updated then I can work on the Art Deco dresser I picked up at the Gibsons Recycling Depot. These two pieces will look ultra swanky together. I'm going to paint them both an off-white then shabby chic them. With the right drawer pulls they'll be keepers!

And yes I'll also be working on my magazine racks and teak lamps... This weekend will be one big assembly line of furniture refinishing!


A new shade, a new harp = a new lamp

My teak lamps are close to complete. I have some tweeking to do with the shade and harp but they're getting close. Yesterday I bought 2 lamp shades from Walmart for $15/each. Man secondhand lamp shades are hard to find... Well nice ones are. There are a galore of uber ugly, dated shades out there... And I've seen them!

I wanted simple drum lamp shades and I found some white ones at Walmart. I brought them home and put them on but the harps made the shades sit too high. I grabbed a harp from another lamp update and it worked! The lamps look very elegant now that I have new shades and the right harp.

I thought of updating the fabric on the shades but I won't be keeping these lamps so will leave them as is. I'll post more photos once I have both lamps done.

Recent Finds

I've found some fun stuff these days. So fun that I think I'll be keeping these finds.

First I bought two wicker dining chairs for $15/each. I initially bought them because they were such a good deal. As they sit there waiting for a home, I find myself wondering if I should keep them.

I can see them in my new place in the dining room with maybe a funky pillow on them or some sort of fabric draped on them. I have to admit - they are darn comfortable too!

Next I got six 12" x 12" pieces of dark brown cork for free. I want to display these with some old paintings I have that are also 12" x 12". I need to figure out the best way to mount the cork. I thought of frames but that would be expensive so we'll see. Send your suggestions if you have any!

Once I figure out how to mount these then I'll update my canvases. I think I can come up with a fun way to display both.

Yesterday I found this glass container for $14 at the Salvation Army. It was more money than I usually pay but it was worth it. At least I haven't bought more chairs or lamps lately!

Project Update

Now it's time to get back into the groove. I took a breather last weekend and now feel revived and ready to conquer some forgotten projects. I must have this thing for art deco type pieces! My 2 magazine racks are the next projects for me to complete. At least most of the sanding has been done on these so soon I can move onto painting them.

Now I'm off to sand!


My lamp transformation in progress

I'm still working through my pile of projects. Next are the teak lamps I bought a long time ago. They were uber ugly so I painted the ceramic an off-white. Yesterday I did a final coat of paint then added a coat of varathane. I'll leave the lamps for now (no rewiring required!) and will focus on finding lamp shades. Unfortunately my $3 lamp shades didn't work with these lamps! The shades didn't sit low enough... Bummer!

I'm on the look out for something with a simple design. I don't mind updating the shade's fabric to suit the lamps but they have to be the right shape. I'm searching for either an oval or drum lamp shade. Hopefully I get lucky!

Here's the transformation so far...



Mission Status

My mission was to complete the following in the next 2 months: 2 end tables, 2 magazine racks, a small dresser, 1 floor lamp, 1 trolley, 2 vintage lamps, 1 desk lamp and 4 of my 6 teak chairs.

Projects done: 2 end tables, 1 trolley and 4 of my 6 teak chairs.

Outstanding projects: 2 magazine racks, a small dresser, 1 floor lamp, 2 vintage lamps and 1 desk lamp... Plus my 2 teak lamps. The list will probably get bigger! :-)


Boring can be beautiful

Yes a boring, easy update can be a thing of beauty. My $10 trolley has been taken apart, sanded, oiled and is now back together within 1 hour. I think I'll keep the trolley - it's functional and fits with the other updates I plan to keep.

The trolley reminds me of the old library trolleys from my days in... Hmmm... Elementary school. Yikes that definitely ages me!



My Boring Update...

I took apart the trolley on the weekend. Just four pieces to sand and oil then put back together. The shelves are veneer so I did a light sand to get most of the scratches and imperfections out. The nice thing about teak/tung oil is it seems to soften the glitches so the sanding doesn't need to be perfect.

Gotta love older furniture and how it's put together - 4 pieces of wood and a bunch of screws make a trolley. Just like the free leather chair - wood, screws, some dowel and two strips of leather then you have a super funky chair!

Recent Finds...

I finally found a pair of lamp shades that would be perfect for updating... And were uber cheap! I picked this pair up for $3. They are desperate for beatifying... And I have a couple of sets of lamps that need shades. Now I just need to find the right fabric.

I put the shades on my estate sale lamps - they looked horrible! So I'm hoping they suit my teak lamps that I put aside awhile ago. I have to finish painting the ceramic part of these lamps then find shades. These shades could be it!

I'll post recent photos of the teak lamps this weekend. I painted the ceramic an off-white - I'll finish the painting ASAP then I'm going to search out fabric!


4 down, 2 to go

Here they are! Four of my six teak chairs are done. The final two will have to wait a few weeks since Paul is away and he's doing the upholstery.

Today I dragged the chairs outside and inserted the plugs Paul cut from a dowel. I couldn't find plugs with the correct dimensions so we went with plan B - the dowel.

I had to sand the plugs once they were inserted. Then I added teak oil but they seemed too light.

This afternoon I grabbed a stain marker from Home Depot to darken the plugs. I think they look much better! I can always darken them up again if need be.

Hopefully my update makes these chairs lovable again! They certainly were pretty darn yucky when I picked them up.


This set of four cost $40, the ultra suede was free and the labour... Well mine wasn't too bad but Paul certainly spent a lot of time reupholstering the chairs... All in all - a worthwhile update!


I'm on a mission

Now that my big, dreaded move is over, I can now focus even more on getting projects done. I'm on a mission to complete the following updates in the next 2 months: 2 end tables, 2 magazine racks, a small dresser, 1 floor lamp, 1 trolley, 2 vintage lamps, 1 desk lamp and 4 of my 6 teak chairs. Eh gad that's a lot to get done!

But today I finished off my 2 end tables... And my 4 teak chairs will be done this weekend. Thankfully summer is finally here so I can spend my weekends outside sanding, painting, etc.

The Ikea end tables I picked up for $7 are now done. It was an easy update since my friend Kiersten just wanted them painted black. Easy enough to do then I added varathane and they are good to go!



Project Update

After finishing up the end tables, I dragged my new floor lamp outside and started to polish the brass. Sometimes these projects can get pretty darn icky and this one was in that realm.

The white stem of the lamp had 'something' on it that required Windex, a paper towel and a strong stomach. I got the guck off then worked my way through the layers of grim on the brass. It's not perfect and probably never will be but I love it!

Next is the rewiring and then finding the right lamp shade.



Tomorrow I'll conquer the teak chairs! :-)