Ode to teak

I ♥ teak... And refinishing it!

Tonight I spent an hour working on the teak end table I bought last week for $15. And boy it looks phenomenal! I only sanded the top since everything else was A-OK. Then I wiped the surface and added teak oil.

Unbelievable how you can spend minimal time and effort and really turn something around! This one's a keeper!



3 down, 3 to go

Three of my six teak chairs are good to go! Or 90% complete...

I have to track down plugs for the chairs. Who would have thought this would be a show stopper but I'm having 'issues' tracking down the right size. Hopefully this week's hunt proves successful!

Tomorrow I'll do a final check of the teak end table then work on my Ikea end tables for Kiersten.


  1. That's a great looking table - good job!

    How did you do the sanding? Did you do it by hand, and what grade/kind of sand paper did you use?

    I have a coffee table that you've inspired me to work on.


  2. Thanks Lucy! The table was definitely an amazing find! :-)

    Re: sanding - I always sand by hand. I have an electric sander but it's super noisy and I always worry it'll leave an uneven finish. I think I either used 180 or 220 grade sandpaper for the table.

    With teak you want a fine sandpaper and it really doesn't take a lot of work to refinish. I literally spent less than an hour on the top of the coffee table then added oil and I was done!