My free salvaged chair

There is one good thing about breaking up - all those half done projects are getting done in a jiffy. Instead of dragging them around, I'm finishing them up and then either they stay or they go.

This weekend, I finished up the sanding and staining on the chair I found via Freecycle North Vancouver. My free chair was pretty banged up but now looks much happier!

I cleaned up the leather then got Paul to help me sand the wood. Now the leather looks better (not perfect but 'well-loved' instead of completely massacred) and the wood looks gorgeous!


All the pen marks, scratches and icky stains are no more (OK there may be a few minor imperfections)!


I have a home in mind for this piece... We'll see if my friend appreciates the thought! What friend wouldn't like one of my 'projects'... :-)

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