My father/daughter craft date

Yes it's true! There is such a thing as a father/daughter craft date. Crazy to imagine but yes my Dad is a modern man. This week my Mom is away on a bridge trip (yes those exist as well) so I'm here having dinner with Dad. It's been productive!

Craft dates with Mom consist of baking, sewing and/or shopping. Craft dates with Dad include rewiring 'things' (he's an electrical engineer).

I brought a bunch of lamps home and Dad rewired one tonight and will do a couple tomorrow. Gotta help keep him out of trouble now that he's retired!

First Dad picked up the new wiring, etc then took apart one of the lamps I bought at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I cleaned it - yikes that was a scary job. Grime, dead bugs, dust... Yuck!

Once I cleaned the parts, Dad put the lamp back together. It's a tri-light now and gosh it's lovely... And safe!

Tomorrow night we rewire more lamps then I can search for kewl lamp shades. Good times are happening!

TBD - a Family Affair

Now that I have my projects coming and going, it makes me realize how this venture has created quite the odd group of co-conspirators...

  • My Dad who rewires lamps for me;

  • My Mom who just helps with anything and everything;

  • Paul, my ex-boyfriend, who reupholsters furniture for me;

  • Karen, my FAB friend, who takes me to the dump and various garage sales in her old and spacious SUV;

  • Marnie, Maaike and Pippa who are forever just being good influences on me;

  • Thelma, the friend who will listen to my foibles no matter what, who goes to the thrift shops with me every week and does the usual fabric run as needed;

  • My buddy Kris who doubted the chalkboard table... Some people are just too darn literal;

  • And Asim, my friend for 20 odd years, who never tires of my odd and sometimes wonderful adventures.

Onwards and upwards as the redos continue - it's darn addictive!


  1. Listen, Internettes... I just gotta clear the air about something. See. I didn't doubt the chalkboard table. No way, no how!

    What I did ask is if you were concerned about getting chalk on the elegant garments of your distinguished guests. This question could have been taken anyway what so ever, but you chose to take it as an affront on your prodigious sense of whimsy! Au contraire!

    I am willing to excuse this lapse, as I know you simply haven't been feeling the PILLOW LOVE lately.

    Alright. Ta for name checking me. See you around campus!

  2. Kris, Kris, Kris... You doubted the chalkboard table... But I made you a believer... :-)