More lamp love... Really!

I've fallen in love with another floor lamp! Seriously! I made a deal when I decided I had to have it - I need to get rid of one of my other lamps. The victim? My mahogany floor lamp is on the outs... Sad but true!

I picked up the new floor lamp at the Happy Cat Haven this morning for $20 - it's extravagant for me but well worth it! The photo may not do it justice but it's pretty darn funky. I'll polish up the brass then get Dad to do his handy work on the wiring and then track down a swanky lamp shade.

The next month or so will definitely involve tracking down lamp shades!

I decided to buy this lamp because it had details and a look that would fit with my estate sale lamps. They're going to make a gorgeous threesome! And they are all keepers!

Once I got my new love home, I revisited the mahogany floor lamp. I had sanded and stained it then Dad rewired it but it had no pizzazz. I was thinking I just needed to varathane it but then I got my Danish Oil Finish out and that did the trick!

I actually picked up the Danish Oil Finish at the Gibsons Recycling Depot for free. They have a couple of bins full of leftover paint, stain, etc. that you can take at no charge. No real luck finding exterior paint but they have tons of interior paint and primer for the taking.

Here's the lamp after sanding and staining and then after oiling - what a difference!

And now I think it's good to go. I was going to update the lamp shade but I'm pretty sure I can find a good home for the lamp without updating the lamp shade...



Recent Finds

I'm on the hunt for teak now that I know how easy it is to update! I bought these six napkin rings at the Happy Cat Haven for $0.25 this morning. I plan to sand and oil them in the next while.

My collection of teak items is adding up! My favourite piece so far is the uber kewl teak end table.

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