It works!!

It's been a few days since I added the chalkboard paint to my end table so I dragged it outside and tested it out. Holy smokes - how kewl is this! Now I want to paint everything with this stuff... I ♥ my end table - it rocks!

From my chalkboard drawing, there is one thing people would never guess about me and one thing that is quite obvious...

  • I actually have a fine arts degree but for the life of me I can NOT draw. Looking at my chalkboard drawing, I really am doubtful about my creative prowess when I see chicken scratches like that!

  • My biggest vice and main addiction is coffee... Gotta love the cup-o-joe first thing in the morning!

Now that I've proclaimed my love for chalkboard paint, I'll move on to my teak chairs. I gotta refinish the teak since Paul's completed some of the upholstery. Thank goodness it's sunny out!

Project Update

The table is a hit! My best friend, Maaike (my friend Marnie's three and a half year old) gave the end table a test run this afternoon and well the table is a winner! What more could you ask for! Unfortunately my chalk didn't survive the test run... ;-P


  1. That's so fun! I recently bought some chalkboard paint, but I'm at a loss for where to use it.

    ps...I'm having a giveaway at my blog $60 gc to allmodern.com. Come on over & enter :)


  2. Thanks Jackie and Leah! I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for another chalkboard project! I have a couple of frames I could use - who knows.

    Leah - I entered the giveaway. Lots of funky stuff on allmodern.com!