From junk to funk...

I don't usually use that saying - 'from junk to funk' - but this end table was truly ugly, a big-old-eyesore... But now hopefully it's a much prettier, friendlier end table.

I bought it awhile ago for $2 at the St. Mary's Thrift Store. I was going to replace the plastic top but decided it was too much work. I had to use some wood filler to fix up my initial start on ripping the top off. Sometimes you shouldn't do anything major until you have a plan in place!

I started by sanding the table then priming and then painting it an off-white. I wanted to keep it simple but it needed something. It was looking like a white blob so I got some sandpaper and sanded the edges to help bring out the details. And then I picked up some chalkboard paint and painted the top.

Holy smokes there are certain products over this past year or two of refinishing furniture that really require a place with serious ventilation. This is one of them. It might even be worse than my episode with paint stripper!



Here's the final piece. I haven't gotten the chalk out yet since I'll wait a couple of days for the chalkboard paint to dry then I'll create some chalk art on the end table. With my impending move/downsize, I'll be finding a home for this project. Any takers?

I found this link for tips and tricks with chalkboard paint. I also checked out this before & after for ideas (link thanks to Design*Sponge).

Recent Finds

I'm morphing from chair lady to lamp lady these days. I have a few lamps in progress and now a few that require the free labour of my Dad - a retired electrical engineer who rewires lamps for free for his thrifty daughter. He actually likes it (or so I hope)...

I bought the below pair of lamps this weekend at an estate sale. They're from the 60s and are gorgeous! I paid $5/each. There's some paint on the glass but that'll be easy enough to remove. I also have to clean up the years of grim on the lamps (scary to say the least). And once all of my lamps are rewired then will be the real work - lampshades!

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