From drab to fab...

OK so maybe I'm taking the rhyming too far but this piece was extremely yawningly drab. Super functional but boring. I grabbed it from the Salvation Army for $10 then decided to paint it. I'm not a big fan of painting wood but this being veneer I thought painting was a good option for making it funkier.

After sanding and priming the piece, I picked up a grey-blue paint. I didn't want anything too bright but something soft. I painted the cabinet then sanded the edges. I also bought a backing for the cabinet from Gibsons Recycling Depot for $5. I'm still trying to decide if the cabinet needs something more. I thought of mod podging some funky paper on the doors so we'll see. Maybe I'll work on that next weekend.



Project Update

Finally we're getting to the teak chairs. Paul's been reupholstering the seats for me. You can't help but see the improvement since the fabric on the chairs was pretty darn icky! We should have enough of the grey ultra suede for all six chairs. The six chairs (four of one design, two of another) cost $50 in total.



Next weekend I'll start refinishing the teak while Paul soldiers on with the reupholstery.