1 down, 5 to go

What a weekend plus a day... Packing, moving, freelancing and having some fun in the mix... It was busy! This morning I sanded four of my six teak chairs. Teak is gorgeous wood to work with! I was able to remove the wear and tear and make these babies beautiful again!

After sanding the chairs, I added teak oil and what an amazing transformation that had on the chairs. Paul reassembled one of the chairs for me - it looks fabulous with his ultra particular upholstery job. Who would think these are the same chairs we bought oh so long ago?! The six chairs cost $50 and the ultra suede was free. Not too bad!

Next weekend I'll plan to refinish the final two chairs and hopefully Paul will be done reupholstering then all six will be uber gorgeous again!



Anyone in need of six super swanky teak chairs? I'll be letting these go... The purging continues. :-)

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