Updater of 'junk'

This weekend I was the updater of 'junk' - Friday I updated the free shelf, Saturday I updated the collapsible table and yesterday I updated a chair. I managed to have a full weekend of volunteering with the Happy Cat Haven, hanging out with friends, refinishing furniture and finding more projects. It was my favourite type of weekend - all summer should involve the same level of fabulous-ness!

Yesterday I decided to head back to the Gibsons Recycling Depot and pick up this Ikea chair for $2. Boy was it desperate for love. I'm not really an Ikea type of gal but what the heck - it was $2 and didn't take long to sand and stain.


The Happy Couple

I've actually decided to keep this chair - I think it looks great with my $1 chair from the Sechelt Share Shed. I was thinking I could look for two more chairs to go with these. I want a set of four wood chairs for my dining area - all different of course!

And for those friends who make jokes about me being featured on the TV show Hoarders, I'd like you to know I have purged quite a bit lately and am a hippie at heart with minimal 'stuff'. My recent purge has included at least 10 chairs, 1 table, 1 vanity seat and 1 chalkboard. So there! ;-P

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