Spring has SPRUNG!

What a gorgeous day! Sunshine, warmer temperatures... Could it be that spring has FINALLY sprung? I certainly hope so! The past day has been pretty darn kewl. Last night I took the ferry home and halfway between Horseshoe Bay and Gibsons, there was a pod of 150 dolphins - some of which were swimming right beside the ferry. Uber fabulous!

Then this morning it was bright and sunny and ripe for furniture refinishing... First I took a walk up to Gibsons Recycling Depot. I found 2 items to update. One was this $0.25 collapsible table. It looks like an Ikea table. I started working on it this afternoon and should have it done tomorrow. I'm just doing a quick and dirty update on this piece.

I also spied a neat metal cabinet on wheels that would be perfect to store sewing/crafting supplies. I plan to pick it up tomorrow - I was on foot and there's only so much a girl can drag home by foot! It was $2 and I'm going to paint it then maybe see what else I can do to it.

Gibsons Recycling Depot

I had a great chat with Barb at Gibsons Recycling Depot - I love it there! I took a couple of photos to show you one of my local haunts.

Here's the Reuse Store - you can usually find something and the prices are beyond reasonable!

My Free Shelf Has Been Updated

Last weekend Karen dropped off this shelf. She found it at the side of the road and she knew it needed me! Well I used wood filler to fix the top then sanded, primed, painted and shabby chic-ed it - hopefully I've given the shelf a new lease on life!



Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale to volunteer then I'll pick up the metal cabinet... And maybe I'll find more projects!


  1. that shelf unit looks so different. Now you can see the lovely shape to it.

  2. I agree... It's a great find and thank goodness for wood filler! I was able to cover up the big burn disaster on the top. :-)