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Worthy of an update! Yesterday's update was the free shelf that was found at the side of the road. This afternoon I finished up my $0.25 collapsible table. I gave it the same look as the shelf - an off-white shabby chic finish. Some of the original blue paint came through which I think worked well. Once I sanded it and added the varathane, it was done. The bonus was it didn't take long at all...



More Projects

After volunteering at the Happy Cat Haven this morning, I picked up my $2 metal cabinet from Gibsons Recycling Depot. Oh it's going to be uber funky once I'm done with it - honest! It's quite boring and utilitarian right now but I do have a plan.

At first I thought I would paint it - that would be the easy update but I've chosen to go with the more time consuming option. I'm going to remove the paint from the outside and get it down to bare metal. I might have to use a stripper but it's going to look great once I'm done. I'll also have to find something to go over the 'Canon' branding. I can't remove the tag since it's covering up some holes so I'll just have to cover it up.

A good link for inspiration is this post on Design*Sponge - always a great place to go for ideas!

I'll plan to work on the cabinet next weekend... It's going to be a major project!

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