The Happy Cat Haven garage sale

This morning I helped set up for the Happy Cat Haven garage sale. The sale takes place out of their storage locker along the highway. It usually starts up in May and goes until September. It's a hoot - the ladies who run it are really wonderful and so much fun!

What amazes me is the range of stuff that is donated to Happy Cat Haven. Each weekend I usually pick out one extremely odd or strange piece and it's bought up in a jiffy. This weekend it was this painted flying woman - just so strange but someone saw beauty in it.

And then there's the kitten photo that's been glued onto this huge piece of plywood... Total 80s flashback - it just needs some glitter text on it.

Here's my purchase from the Happy Cat Haven garage sale - a lovely metal lamp for $3. I threw out the shade since the inside had been burnt and melted the shade into an odd shape. Once I rewire the lamp and find an appropriate shade, it'll be happening!

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  1. Hi! The flying lady is an Indonesian Garuda - a guardian spirit who protects the home from evil. It is meant to hang freely so that she can look around where she likes. This onelooks fairly authentic, well done!