The biggest purge of all...

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks... Or lets say 5 months. Paul and I had our 'big break up' garage sale last weekend. I pulled in a kewl $80. He pulled in over $200. Not too shabby.

I've managed to purge a ton over the past few months. Now we can both start fresh and definitely be friends after 11 years and continue on as co-workers, co-creators, co-upcyclers. It's exciting times indeed!

I did manage to sell some funky projects, some annoying projects, some mid-complete projects... And then anything else was donated. The good karma was happening!

And the best part? I have NEW projects! Or new-old projects... OK so I got rid of the stuff that was darn frustrating to deal with and am left with the fun stuff!

New/Old Project #1

I picked up 2 director's chairs for $3/each and they are perfect for the fabric I grabbed from Walmart not too long ago. You'll see my uber kewl fabric from Walmart on the right for $6/metre (note to self: pick up more fabric!). I think once I refinish these chairs they will be beyond fabulous!

New/Old Project #2

This is my very swanky Art Deco dresser from Gibsons Recycling Depot for $4 - oh goodness I love this piece! It was missing a drawer pull and thankfully I had a few from the Sechelt dump that I could use. Next I'll sand, prime and paint the dresser and keep it.

New/Old Project #3

And then there is my end table for $2 that I've primed and painted. This week I'm going to buy some chalkboard paint. I think this will look uber fun once it's complete!




I saw this photo on Decor 8 and noted the end tables. This is what I want for my $2 end table!

Onwards and upwards!

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