The biggest purge of all...

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks... Or lets say 5 months. Paul and I had our 'big break up' garage sale last weekend. I pulled in a kewl $80. He pulled in over $200. Not too shabby.

I've managed to purge a ton over the past few months. Now we can both start fresh and definitely be friends after 11 years and continue on as co-workers, co-creators, co-upcyclers. It's exciting times indeed!

I did manage to sell some funky projects, some annoying projects, some mid-complete projects... And then anything else was donated. The good karma was happening!

And the best part? I have NEW projects! Or new-old projects... OK so I got rid of the stuff that was darn frustrating to deal with and am left with the fun stuff!

New/Old Project #1

I picked up 2 director's chairs for $3/each and they are perfect for the fabric I grabbed from Walmart not too long ago. You'll see my uber kewl fabric from Walmart on the right for $6/metre (note to self: pick up more fabric!). I think once I refinish these chairs they will be beyond fabulous!

New/Old Project #2

This is my very swanky Art Deco dresser from Gibsons Recycling Depot for $4 - oh goodness I love this piece! It was missing a drawer pull and thankfully I had a few from the Sechelt dump that I could use. Next I'll sand, prime and paint the dresser and keep it.

New/Old Project #3

And then there is my end table for $2 that I've primed and painted. This week I'm going to buy some chalkboard paint. I think this will look uber fun once it's complete!




I saw this photo on Decor 8 and noted the end tables. This is what I want for my $2 end table!

Onwards and upwards!


The Happy Cat Haven garage sale

This morning I helped set up for the Happy Cat Haven garage sale. The sale takes place out of their storage locker along the highway. It usually starts up in May and goes until September. It's a hoot - the ladies who run it are really wonderful and so much fun!

What amazes me is the range of stuff that is donated to Happy Cat Haven. Each weekend I usually pick out one extremely odd or strange piece and it's bought up in a jiffy. This weekend it was this painted flying woman - just so strange but someone saw beauty in it.

And then there's the kitten photo that's been glued onto this huge piece of plywood... Total 80s flashback - it just needs some glitter text on it.

Here's my purchase from the Happy Cat Haven garage sale - a lovely metal lamp for $3. I threw out the shade since the inside had been burnt and melted the shade into an odd shape. Once I rewire the lamp and find an appropriate shade, it'll be happening!


Updater of 'junk'

This weekend I was the updater of 'junk' - Friday I updated the free shelf, Saturday I updated the collapsible table and yesterday I updated a chair. I managed to have a full weekend of volunteering with the Happy Cat Haven, hanging out with friends, refinishing furniture and finding more projects. It was my favourite type of weekend - all summer should involve the same level of fabulous-ness!

Yesterday I decided to head back to the Gibsons Recycling Depot and pick up this Ikea chair for $2. Boy was it desperate for love. I'm not really an Ikea type of gal but what the heck - it was $2 and didn't take long to sand and stain.


The Happy Couple

I've actually decided to keep this chair - I think it looks great with my $1 chair from the Sechelt Share Shed. I was thinking I could look for two more chairs to go with these. I want a set of four wood chairs for my dining area - all different of course!

And for those friends who make jokes about me being featured on the TV show Hoarders, I'd like you to know I have purged quite a bit lately and am a hippie at heart with minimal 'stuff'. My recent purge has included at least 10 chairs, 1 table, 1 vanity seat and 1 chalkboard. So there! ;-P


Someone else's junk is...

Worthy of an update! Yesterday's update was the free shelf that was found at the side of the road. This afternoon I finished up my $0.25 collapsible table. I gave it the same look as the shelf - an off-white shabby chic finish. Some of the original blue paint came through which I think worked well. Once I sanded it and added the varathane, it was done. The bonus was it didn't take long at all...



More Projects

After volunteering at the Happy Cat Haven this morning, I picked up my $2 metal cabinet from Gibsons Recycling Depot. Oh it's going to be uber funky once I'm done with it - honest! It's quite boring and utilitarian right now but I do have a plan.

At first I thought I would paint it - that would be the easy update but I've chosen to go with the more time consuming option. I'm going to remove the paint from the outside and get it down to bare metal. I might have to use a stripper but it's going to look great once I'm done. I'll also have to find something to go over the 'Canon' branding. I can't remove the tag since it's covering up some holes so I'll just have to cover it up.

A good link for inspiration is this post on Design*Sponge - always a great place to go for ideas!

I'll plan to work on the cabinet next weekend... It's going to be a major project!


Spring has SPRUNG!

What a gorgeous day! Sunshine, warmer temperatures... Could it be that spring has FINALLY sprung? I certainly hope so! The past day has been pretty darn kewl. Last night I took the ferry home and halfway between Horseshoe Bay and Gibsons, there was a pod of 150 dolphins - some of which were swimming right beside the ferry. Uber fabulous!

Then this morning it was bright and sunny and ripe for furniture refinishing... First I took a walk up to Gibsons Recycling Depot. I found 2 items to update. One was this $0.25 collapsible table. It looks like an Ikea table. I started working on it this afternoon and should have it done tomorrow. I'm just doing a quick and dirty update on this piece.

I also spied a neat metal cabinet on wheels that would be perfect to store sewing/crafting supplies. I plan to pick it up tomorrow - I was on foot and there's only so much a girl can drag home by foot! It was $2 and I'm going to paint it then maybe see what else I can do to it.

Gibsons Recycling Depot

I had a great chat with Barb at Gibsons Recycling Depot - I love it there! I took a couple of photos to show you one of my local haunts.

Here's the Reuse Store - you can usually find something and the prices are beyond reasonable!

My Free Shelf Has Been Updated

Last weekend Karen dropped off this shelf. She found it at the side of the road and she knew it needed me! Well I used wood filler to fix the top then sanded, primed, painted and shabby chic-ed it - hopefully I've given the shelf a new lease on life!



Tomorrow I'll be heading to the Happy Cat Haven Garage Sale to volunteer then I'll pick up the metal cabinet... And maybe I'll find more projects!


The best part of crafting is...

Passing the craft love on! Prescilla (aka my gorgeous office chair) has found a very happy home. My new best friend Kiersten took ownership today. And last week Heather took ownership of my shabby chic chalkboard frame. I'm not big on having a lot of stuff so there's nothing more satisfying than finding a happy home for my craft projects!

Project Update

I put together a butterfly laptop sleeve for Kiersten's MacBook Air. The sleeve is half an inch too wide. This weekend I'll trim the sleeve and maybe make a couple more since I know I can find homes for them.

I used a recycled wool blanket for the outside that I picked up at a church fair for $2. I used a black felt for the inside that was a donation from a friend. Uber cheap materials on this project!


Frustrated? Just shabby chic some furniture!

What a weekend so far! I sewed (project to be done tomorrow - it's a commission for a laptop sleeve) then volunteered with the Happy Cat Haven (boy I missed those ladies) then hung out with one of my most favourite people (Karen) and then I dragged furniture outside... It was sunny and warm out and I gave this table heck... Literally I took out all my frustration on this little table and it was worth it!

I picked this end table up at the Salvation Army for $5. I painted it a lovely off-white then beat it up (aka shabby chic-ed it).



I also had 3 frames from the Salvation Army (two for $1.50 and one for $3) that I wanted to shabby chic. It's all about being efficient and having an assembly line.



Now I just need to print some photos for the frames!


I've been lucky these days! I've managed to find some fun items... Barb from Happy Cat Haven classifies the items I find interesting as odd or different... You may agree once you see my Irish linen tea towels for $3 each. I love them! I might try to use them as wall hangings - maybe frame them. I'm not sure yet.

Then I picked this metal table up from the Gibsons Recycling Depot for $3. It's got some potential for kewlness. Now I just need to find a top for it then I'll know how I want to refinish it.

And to top the day off - Karen found some furniture at the side of the road for me! Oh joy! FYI it's the Annual Neighbourhood Swap & Spring Clean Up Event in Gibsons. Could things get any better? I think not... :-)