Still the crazy chair lady...

This weekend is supposed to be dry and sunny - so exciting! Last weekend was touch and go since there was a crazy storm on Friday that resulted in a power outage. That was Friday then Saturday was gorgeous - pretty typical for the West Coast I guess. I can't wait until summer arrives and every weekend will be filled with furniture madness!

What's my plan for this weekend?! Well I'll be working on yes... Another chair. It's this office chair I picked up at a garage sale for $5 last summer. I started on it last weekend - I removed the upholstery and started sanding the wood.

Next I'll get Paul to reupholster it. I was going to use the Liz Claiborne fabric I picked up a few weeks ago until I came across this fabric at the Salvation Army last night. It's stunning and I have a bunch of it. I got it for $4. It was a great week for cheap fabric finds!

Here are my other fabric finds - each were $1/each. The white fabric with the colourful circles will be perfect for any upcoming kids projects - pillows, upholstery, who knows!

Non-Chair Project Updates

My mahogany floor lamp has been sanded, stained and rewired. This weekend I'll tweek the finish then varathane it. I'll leave it for a bit with the current lamp shade then at some point decide if I need/want to update the fabric.

I now have 2 Art Deco magazine racks to update. I'll start sanding them this weekend and hopefully prime them. I think both will look good in an antique white.

Then my next project to start on this weekend is the little dresser. I'm hoping it's one of those quick and dirty updates - sand it, prime it, paint it then add the new drawer pulls... And then it's done!

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