Finally the chrome bar stools are complete

Back in November, I bought these chrome bar stools thinking I could easily update them into something uber swanky. What a disaster! I had 'issues' so decided to put them aside until I was ready.

Well this weekend Paul helped me out - he did the upholstery on the stools... It was frustrating but then triumphant! The chrome bar stools are finally complete. To top it off we both survived the process and are still friends. Phew!



Total cost was $5 per stool plus $10 worth of fabric and a few hours of frustration... :-)


  1. those look fabulous! did you add cushion to the seats to make them look fluffier? They look great!

  2. Thanks!! I did add some cushioning to the seat and back. They worked out well but were a little persnickety to update. :-)