The 'Dumpster Diving Diva'

A friend at work calls me the 'Dumpster Diving Diva'. She's referring to how I drag stuff into work from one of the local thrift shops. Or my projects from the dump. Today I felt very much like a 'Dumpster Diving Diva'. I took a couple of items from the recycling depot and the dump, combined them and came up with something fabulous.

First came the chalkboard I bought for $0.50 from the Gibsons Recycling Depot. It was desperate looking - sorry for the horrid photo.

Then came the $1 frame from the Sechelt Share Shed. It also had seen better days.

Here's the final update - I painted the frame then gave it a shabby chic finish. Then trimmed the chalkboard and added it to the frame. All this for $1.50 and a couple of hours of work.

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