Chair love - I got it!

How many chairs can a girl have... Not as many as I have so this chair has got to go but I love it! You'd never guess I wasn't a frou-frou girl with all my girlie fabric finds, etc. Give me my jeans, a hoodie and my Merrells over high heels and lipstick any day!

First we took this vintage office chair apart. I was the lucky one to remove all of the icky fabric - there were 2 layers of yuckiness to remove. Then Paul scraped it and I sanded and stained. And finally Paul worked his magic with the reupholstery. It is uber FAB! Not bad considering the total cost was under $10.




  1. The colour and print are perfect for the chair. It is really a very unique piece!

  2. Thanks Thelma! And thanks for your 'assistance' in finding this gorgeous fabric for such a steal! :-)

  3. MINE!!!!!
    That chair was absolutely meant for me-- simply stunning!