This weekend was full of sewing for a change. With the weather a bit grey and wet on Friday and Saturday, there was no dragging furniture outside until today. I had an idea for a felt applique pillow cover and used a 12" x 12" pillow form that I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop for $2 this week. I had some blue wool left over that I thought would work well with orange and mauve accents. I think the cover looks uber FAB!

I ended up picking up a 10" x 12" pillow form at a church sale on Saturday for $0.50 so made another cover. Here are both pillow covers...

I love the font I've been using for the script - it's perfect! You can find it on Dafont - it's called Noodlescript.

Then today it was sunny and dry - perfect for a quick and dirty furniture update. I bought this chair at the Salvation Army for $4 (I think it's an Ikea chair) then got a lovely green spray paint from Walmart.


I was hoping I could use one of my new pillows with the chair then find the chair a good home. Maybe it's too big but the colours are super fun!

Recent Finds

Saturday I was in Sechelt with Karen for garage sales and the dump. There was nothing worthy in the Share Shed but I did dig around (I know this does not sound very lady like but...) the wood pile and found these gorgeous wood table legs. Fortunately I found 8 - enough for 2 projects. I have no idea when I'll be able to use these but they were a great find!

Tonight I'm starting on a felt applique business card case... I'm getting some super snazzy business cards printed this week. Very exciting stuff!


Two are better than one

My $2 chair from the Gibsons Recycling Depot was lonely so I decided to buy this chair for $1 from the Sechelt Share Shed to keep it company. I'm hoping they make a beautiful couple...



Now I just need to find them a happy home! :-)


Chair love - I got it!

How many chairs can a girl have... Not as many as I have so this chair has got to go but I love it! You'd never guess I wasn't a frou-frou girl with all my girlie fabric finds, etc. Give me my jeans, a hoodie and my Merrells over high heels and lipstick any day!

First we took this vintage office chair apart. I was the lucky one to remove all of the icky fabric - there were 2 layers of yuckiness to remove. Then Paul scraped it and I sanded and stained. And finally Paul worked his magic with the reupholstery. It is uber FAB! Not bad considering the total cost was under $10.




The 'Dumpster Diving Diva'

A friend at work calls me the 'Dumpster Diving Diva'. She's referring to how I drag stuff into work from one of the local thrift shops. Or my projects from the dump. Today I felt very much like a 'Dumpster Diving Diva'. I took a couple of items from the recycling depot and the dump, combined them and came up with something fabulous.

First came the chalkboard I bought for $0.50 from the Gibsons Recycling Depot. It was desperate looking - sorry for the horrid photo.

Then came the $1 frame from the Sechelt Share Shed. It also had seen better days.

Here's the final update - I painted the frame then gave it a shabby chic finish. Then trimmed the chalkboard and added it to the frame. All this for $1.50 and a couple of hours of work.


Still the crazy chair lady...

This weekend is supposed to be dry and sunny - so exciting! Last weekend was touch and go since there was a crazy storm on Friday that resulted in a power outage. That was Friday then Saturday was gorgeous - pretty typical for the West Coast I guess. I can't wait until summer arrives and every weekend will be filled with furniture madness!

What's my plan for this weekend?! Well I'll be working on yes... Another chair. It's this office chair I picked up at a garage sale for $5 last summer. I started on it last weekend - I removed the upholstery and started sanding the wood.

Next I'll get Paul to reupholster it. I was going to use the Liz Claiborne fabric I picked up a few weeks ago until I came across this fabric at the Salvation Army last night. It's stunning and I have a bunch of it. I got it for $4. It was a great week for cheap fabric finds!

Here are my other fabric finds - each were $1/each. The white fabric with the colourful circles will be perfect for any upcoming kids projects - pillows, upholstery, who knows!

Non-Chair Project Updates

My mahogany floor lamp has been sanded, stained and rewired. This weekend I'll tweek the finish then varathane it. I'll leave it for a bit with the current lamp shade then at some point decide if I need/want to update the fabric.

I now have 2 Art Deco magazine racks to update. I'll start sanding them this weekend and hopefully prime them. I think both will look good in an antique white.

Then my next project to start on this weekend is the little dresser. I'm hoping it's one of those quick and dirty updates - sand it, prime it, paint it then add the new drawer pulls... And then it's done!


Finally the chrome bar stools are complete

Back in November, I bought these chrome bar stools thinking I could easily update them into something uber swanky. What a disaster! I had 'issues' so decided to put them aside until I was ready.

Well this weekend Paul helped me out - he did the upholstery on the stools... It was frustrating but then triumphant! The chrome bar stools are finally complete. To top it off we both survived the process and are still friends. Phew!



Total cost was $5 per stool plus $10 worth of fabric and a few hours of frustration... :-)


Being picky always creates extra work

Remember my chair from the Gibsons Recycling Depot that I bought for $2? Well I got Paul to reupholster it AGAIN. I couldn't help myself... The Ikea fabric we used the first time around had a snag in it and it was haunting me! We had to redo it.

I used the retro fabric I bought from the Happy Cat Haven book sale last year. I think it looks super fun!


AFTER #1 // AFTER #2