What do you get for $3...

Some ultra gorgeous oak chairs! These were worth the work... No one would believe these were $3. The fabric was free and the labour wasn't too intense this time around. I'm very happy with these chairs! I'm going to keep them along with my chair update from last weekend, which makes a fabulous set of 4 chairs. Now I just need an old wood table to go with them - one of these would do just fine! :-)



Project Process

First we took the chairs apart then sanded them down. I sanded the pieces and Paul did the reupholstery. Check out the deck - furniture pieces everywhere (including the mahogany floor lamp)!

Here's the archaic gluing station Paul came up with. Once the glue dried then we put them back together, did a final sanding and then stained them. Today we put the seats back on and we're ready to enjoy them!


  1. Those are an amazing find that you re-did!! I like the front curve of the chair...they look great!

  2. Wow, you are the queen of the chair makeover! I've been scrolling through and you've made some great improvements to your finds.

  3. I really lucked out with these chairs - I love them along with the chair update from last weekend. You can't go wrong when it comes to old wood chairs that cost $1/each! :-)