Purge then collect more

What a week it's been! All is happening in my world of purging and collecting. I've been able to get rid of some finished projects - phew! My place was getting a little cramped. And I have fewer of those 'nearly done' pieces lying around. Boy that was getting to be painful... No matter where I looked all I could see was another half complete project.

So what's new? Well my turquoise kids chair was posted on Better After... Pretty darn kewl if you ask me.

I'm also working away on the oak chairs from the dump - they've been reupholstered with grey ultra suede. Hopefully this weekend I can finish sanding and staining them. I also want to work on my chrome stools and finish those up then get them out the door!

Recent Finds

I went out last night with Thelma to check out the thrift stores and Fabricland. I bought this metal stand for $6. I assume it's for plants but I don't do plants so this will be for 'something' else yet to be decided.

And then I got MORE fabric - like I 'need' fabric! But I loved this colourful striped fabric and it was only $5/metre. I decided to get a metre and see if I could find a reupholstering project for it or even make a set of pillow covers with it. Who knows!

Then I bought a meter of this Liz Claiborne fabric. It was $15/metre (regularly $30/metre) and I think it'll be perfect for a couple of teak chairs I want to reupholster. I have 6 teak chairs so 4 will use the grey ultra suede then 2 will use this fabric. I bought 4 chairs at a garage sale in the summer for $40 and then the other 2 at another garage sale for $10. Not bad if I can update them successfully!

Here's hoping for a sunny, dry weekend! :-)


  1. You always find the coolest things!

  2. I try! I'm having tons of fun these days finding stuff, updating it then either keeping it or passing it on... :-)