My new favourite place

Gibsons Recycling Depot Share Shed

Friday afternoon I took a mini breather from 'real' work and dropped by my new favourite place - Gibsons Recycling Depot. I did a quick check of their Share Shed and spent $1.50 on 2 photo frames and a chalkboard. The photo frames are great but definitely needed some work. The chalkboard will hopefully be used for something at some point yet to be decided.

This weekend I sanded, primed and painted the frames. I wanted to do a test run using the paint I bought for the vintage stereo cabinet I'm updating. I painted the frames blue then gave them a shabby chic finish and incorporated some funky paper.



The paper currently in the photo frames is just to see what it would look like. I'm going to try and find better paper this week then this project should be complete next weekend.

Commitment Issues No More

For awhile I got a little nervous about the first step when working on a new project. In this case it was adding primer to the cabinet. You can always go back to the beginning I guess but sometimes that's easier said than done! Well yesterday I took the cabinet apart and primed it. It wasn't too bad - I survived.

And now I have my first layer of paint done. Next I'll add a second coat then I can tweek the painting and do some shabby chic-ing to the finish. Finally I'll decoupage some funky paper to the middle bar of the cabinet doors.



This is my inspiration for the cabinet - it's from kfd designs. It's gorgeous! I want to paint the stereo cabinet grey-blue (Mountain Stream to be exact) then find a black and white design for the decoupage on the doors. Oh very exciting indeed!

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