Addiction to neglected furniture

More Furniture Projects!

Yesterday was very good for furniture projects! I dropped by the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in North Vancouver. I came across 2 FAB pieces of furniture - oddly enough they were NOT chairs. What a change! The dresser was $11 and the Art Deco magazine rack was $10. I pondered it for a bit then bought both! I might have a problem - it's addictive finding pieces with potential that are too darn cheap to pass up.

Here's the Art Deco magazine rack in a horrible mauve soon to be updated...

Here's the dresser. It looks like nothing special but it's a nice wood piece in great condition. Just needs a bunch of TLC.... And some new knobs!

Here are the knobs I picked up...

Happy furniture rescuing! ;-P


  1. Ohh, I love these and I'm jealous of your thrift store there. We might be furniture twins rescuing things :-) Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  2. So nice to have someone who understands why I HAD to buy these pieces. I paid $21 for both - the new knobs for the dresser cost the same amount! Furniture rescuing is fun... As long as you finish your projects and clear out the extras... :-)