Addiction to neglected furniture

More Furniture Projects!

Yesterday was very good for furniture projects! I dropped by the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in North Vancouver. I came across 2 FAB pieces of furniture - oddly enough they were NOT chairs. What a change! The dresser was $11 and the Art Deco magazine rack was $10. I pondered it for a bit then bought both! I might have a problem - it's addictive finding pieces with potential that are too darn cheap to pass up.

Here's the Art Deco magazine rack in a horrible mauve soon to be updated...

Here's the dresser. It looks like nothing special but it's a nice wood piece in great condition. Just needs a bunch of TLC.... And some new knobs!

Here are the knobs I picked up...

Happy furniture rescuing! ;-P


My new favourite place

Gibsons Recycling Depot Share Shed

Friday afternoon I took a mini breather from 'real' work and dropped by my new favourite place - Gibsons Recycling Depot. I did a quick check of their Share Shed and spent $1.50 on 2 photo frames and a chalkboard. The photo frames are great but definitely needed some work. The chalkboard will hopefully be used for something at some point yet to be decided.

This weekend I sanded, primed and painted the frames. I wanted to do a test run using the paint I bought for the vintage stereo cabinet I'm updating. I painted the frames blue then gave them a shabby chic finish and incorporated some funky paper.



The paper currently in the photo frames is just to see what it would look like. I'm going to try and find better paper this week then this project should be complete next weekend.

Commitment Issues No More

For awhile I got a little nervous about the first step when working on a new project. In this case it was adding primer to the cabinet. You can always go back to the beginning I guess but sometimes that's easier said than done! Well yesterday I took the cabinet apart and primed it. It wasn't too bad - I survived.

And now I have my first layer of paint done. Next I'll add a second coat then I can tweek the painting and do some shabby chic-ing to the finish. Finally I'll decoupage some funky paper to the middle bar of the cabinet doors.



This is my inspiration for the cabinet - it's from kfd designs. It's gorgeous! I want to paint the stereo cabinet grey-blue (Mountain Stream to be exact) then find a black and white design for the decoupage on the doors. Oh very exciting indeed!


Funky fabric at Walmart?!

Yes indeed you can find funky fabric at Walmart. Unbelievable! I am so excited about the fabric I picked up this week. It's perfect for a reupholstery project and was only $6/metre. Now I just need to find the right project! And keep finishing projects - that's the hard part!

Recent Finds

I also picked up this 26" x 26" piece of vintage fabric for $0.50 at the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in North Vancouver. It's so fun - I love the pattern and colours. I thought I could make an accent pillow cover to go with a set of pillow covers from the striped fabric I picked up a couple of weeks ago... Lots of ideas, not enough time!

And well what else do you think I picked up... Yes ANOTHER chair to be rescued. This is getting embarrassing! A couple of people at work suggested I check out Freecycle North Vancouver for free projects to update. I came across this chair and decided to grab it. I'll fix up the leather, sand the wood then stain it - that should be it!


Cabinets & tables... oh my!

More New Projects!

Well the good project karma has come my way. I'll be taking a breather from rescuing chairs to work on this vintage stereo cabinet. I picked it up today from the Salvation Army for $10. I'll start sanding it ASAP then stain it. I'll also need to add a back and do something with the bottom. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself but it 'should' be a straight-forward update.

Meanwhile I have this end table I picked up at the St. Mary's Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago for $2. I'm going to sand it and paint it.

The top is some type of plastic that I started removing. I want to redo the top but I'm not sure what to do with it. If you have any suggestions just let me know!


What do you get for $3...

Some ultra gorgeous oak chairs! These were worth the work... No one would believe these were $3. The fabric was free and the labour wasn't too intense this time around. I'm very happy with these chairs! I'm going to keep them along with my chair update from last weekend, which makes a fabulous set of 4 chairs. Now I just need an old wood table to go with them - one of these would do just fine! :-)



Project Process

First we took the chairs apart then sanded them down. I sanded the pieces and Paul did the reupholstery. Check out the deck - furniture pieces everywhere (including the mahogany floor lamp)!

Here's the archaic gluing station Paul came up with. Once the glue dried then we put them back together, did a final sanding and then stained them. Today we put the seats back on and we're ready to enjoy them!

Just call me 'The Rescuer of Chairs'

I'm starting to realize that I have a problem... I can't say no to a cheap chair. I went for coffee with Paul Friday afternoon then we ended up at the Gibsons Recycling Depot. He actually went to recycle stuff. I went to check out the Share Shed there. They had some interesting stuff and it was cheap but nothing caught my eye until I saw this chair for $2... Well I HAD to get it!

I refinished the chair yesterday and Paul reupholstered it this morning and tada - it's done! I'm not going to keep it since I, as you can imagine, have TONS of chairs. Speaking of which I'll be posting an update on my $3 oak chairs tonight or tomorrow.


The Rescuer of Chairs

Maybe I should embrace this 'addiction' I have and just be 'The Rescuer of Chairs'... Pick up unwanted/unloved chairs then update them and then pass them on... Or just be some crazy lady who has a house full of chairs and no tables, etc.

My wish list for this garage season is to find: a big table for the dining room, an old wood dresser, some shelves or some sort of organization system... We'll see what I can find!

Repurposing a felted sweater

I'm trying to clean house these days especially when it comes to fabric. Holy smokes I have quite the pile to get through. But I couldn't resist this already felted gorgeous grey wool sweater. It's a large A|X Armani Exchange that was obviously mistakenly felted since it looked more like a children's sweater. It was $4 at the Salvation Army.

I decided to cut it up this weekend and utilize the red stripe in my design. I thought it would be perfect for baby booties so I re-jigged the pattern I've been using to make cozy little slippers. Here are a couple of beta slippers I quickly put together with a snazzy buttonhole stitch.

I might add some sort of fastener along the top to ensure they stay on. Now I just need to do some product testing then I'll make some more... Next I really need to find an easy pattern for making slippers for grown ups out of recycled sweaters. That would be kewl!


A $1 chair redo in 24 hours

Yesterday's chair from the Share Shack has been updated. All within the span of 24 hours the chair went from frumpy and ugly to gorgeous and fun. I love this chair! My costs on this update were minimal - $1 for the chair and under $5 for the fabric.



I removed the shellac in a jiffy then used the same stain as my side dresser. The wood looks amazing especially now that you can see the grain.

Another visit to the Share Shack

I met up with Karen yesterday to go to garage sales, thrift stores and the Share Shack. I now have 2 new furniture projects - photos to be posted later. I wanted to post some photos from the dump.

Here's the Share Shack - there wasn't much available yesterday but I did pick up a lovely chair that I sanded yesterday. I also removed the horrendous fabric that was on it. It's going to be a fab chair once I'm finished!

And here's the big wood pile where I've been able to grab brass knobs and pulls for free. Sometimes you can find furniture but usually it's been damaged by the weather. It's a bit depressing to see what people throw away.


I must be doing something right!

Last weekend I checked out the local home furnishings store, Swallows Nest. Swallow's Nest is a great store for getting ideas. For someone cheap like me it's not where I'll be buying furniture or home accessories but I love checking out their inventory.

When I got inside I scoped out this shabby chic rocking chair that looked darn close to my rocking chair. The chairs are quite similar in look and finish but there was one big difference - the price! My rocking chair was a mucky brown and cost $5 then of course my time refinishing it. Their rocking chair was $225!



I also saw this kids rocking chair that was $85. It's quite different from my $1 kids rocking chair but definitely gave me food for thought. I can't imagine paying $85 for the brown rocking chair versus $1 for my updated rocking chair! Gotta love having the time and space to refinish furniture!




Purge then collect more

What a week it's been! All is happening in my world of purging and collecting. I've been able to get rid of some finished projects - phew! My place was getting a little cramped. And I have fewer of those 'nearly done' pieces lying around. Boy that was getting to be painful... No matter where I looked all I could see was another half complete project.

So what's new? Well my turquoise kids chair was posted on Better After... Pretty darn kewl if you ask me.

I'm also working away on the oak chairs from the dump - they've been reupholstered with grey ultra suede. Hopefully this weekend I can finish sanding and staining them. I also want to work on my chrome stools and finish those up then get them out the door!

Recent Finds

I went out last night with Thelma to check out the thrift stores and Fabricland. I bought this metal stand for $6. I assume it's for plants but I don't do plants so this will be for 'something' else yet to be decided.

And then I got MORE fabric - like I 'need' fabric! But I loved this colourful striped fabric and it was only $5/metre. I decided to get a metre and see if I could find a reupholstering project for it or even make a set of pillow covers with it. Who knows!

Then I bought a meter of this Liz Claiborne fabric. It was $15/metre (regularly $30/metre) and I think it'll be perfect for a couple of teak chairs I want to reupholster. I have 6 teak chairs so 4 will use the grey ultra suede then 2 will use this fabric. I bought 4 chairs at a garage sale in the summer for $40 and then the other 2 at another garage sale for $10. Not bad if I can update them successfully!

Here's hoping for a sunny, dry weekend! :-)