Projects galore!

It may not seem like it but things are moving forward these days! My side dresser is 90% sanded - this is where being anal about things gets in the way of getting projects done. I'll finish the sanding this week then stain it next weekend. Staining is not something I want to do with little time to devote to doing it well.

Project Update

My fabulous Dad is going to rewire my mahogany floor lamp. He picked up the supplies last week. This week I hope to start sanding and refinishing the mahogany. I'm going to use the same stain as my side dresser. Once the mahogany is refinished, Dad can rewire the lamp. And then I can work on the lamp shade update.

Also in the works is my mystery box from a couple of weeks ago. I sanded and stained it but now have to figure out what to do with the inside - I need to add shelves or some sort of organization system. And then refinish it. I thought I could paint the inside and leave the outside as is. Who knows...

And this is the exciting update - I found a foot stool at the Salvation Army last week for $8. This is the perfect piece for my Ikea fabric that compliments the vanity seat I updated. Yesterday I took a break from sanding and reupholstered the foot stool. Next weekend I'll sand, prime then paint... I'll be painting it black like the vanity seat.



PS. I've been neglecting my sewing... I definitely need to get back to it!


  1. Looks good so far, I can't wait to see the end results :D

  2. Oh this weekend Anny - there will be sanding, priming and painting! Unless work gets in the way (argh)... Here's hoping it's a full on craft weekend!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments! :-)