More stuff from the Share Shack

3 oak chairs for $3!

Now that I'm finishing projects and moving them out, I feel OK bringing items home from the Share Shack. I went up to Sechelt with Karen so we decided to do a quick stop at the Share Shack. Next time I'll bring my camera. It's quite the place!

I picked up these oak chairs for $1/each. They have TONS of potential!

Yesterday I removed the fabric - it was nasty stuff! Next I need to decide on what to reupholster the chairs with. I have a bunch of this grey ultra suede that was given to me. Or I could use this brown fabric that has purple and blue specs in it. I'm leaning towards the grey ultra suede. Next weekend I can sand the chairs then stain them using the same stain as the side dresser.

I might keep these chairs then update my 6 teak chairs and get rid of those. It feels so good to get rid of pieces - my green rocking chair will go to Karen, my turquoise kids chair will go to Asim (his sister just had a baby this weekend!) and hopefully the black chairs will find a new home soon enough!

Latest News About TBD

I registered http://www.thriftybydesign.ca last week. Right now it redirects to my Blogger account. I'm hoping to work on my personal site and then the TBD site in the next while. I also started designing business cards... Just gotta keep getting stuff done!


  1. Sweet deal, I can't wait to see the end result!

  2. I can't wait either - hopefully this weekend I'll be able to finish up these chairs. The reupholstery is done. I just need to finish sanding and gluing then I can stain them... Yippee!