The $5 challenge

I have projects galore happening again this weekend! It all started with a $4 kids chair I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week. I had to drag it on the bus then ferry to get it home, which definitely was an interesting conversation starter. I don't have any children but for $4 I thought this item had definite potential and I know I can find a good home for it.

Then Friday I dropped by the Salvation Army and picked up this $1 heart pillow. I knew I could recover it and package it with the kids chair. It's quite an ugly pillow but again - lots of potential!

Here's the $4 chair and $1 pillow - my $5 challenge for the weekend...

And here's the chair sanded and primed with the pillow covered...

I went to the Share Shack (aka the dump) yesterday for a break with my ultra fabulous friend Karen. Oddly enough I found a kids rocking chair for $1 that I scooped up so now have 3 chairs to be refinished this weekend.

After I got back from the Share Shack, I started working on projects - I have quite the assembly line happening. I touched up my foot stool, magazine rack and this metal frame I bought for $1 on Friday. I'll post before and after shots of the frame later. I'm going to get an old photo of my parents printed to sit in it then it will be good to go. Check out the deck!

Today will be a painting day! Hopefully I'll be able to post the finished projects today or tomorrow... :-)

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