More stuff from the Share Shack

3 oak chairs for $3!

Now that I'm finishing projects and moving them out, I feel OK bringing items home from the Share Shack. I went up to Sechelt with Karen so we decided to do a quick stop at the Share Shack. Next time I'll bring my camera. It's quite the place!

I picked up these oak chairs for $1/each. They have TONS of potential!

Yesterday I removed the fabric - it was nasty stuff! Next I need to decide on what to reupholster the chairs with. I have a bunch of this grey ultra suede that was given to me. Or I could use this brown fabric that has purple and blue specs in it. I'm leaning towards the grey ultra suede. Next weekend I can sand the chairs then stain them using the same stain as the side dresser.

I might keep these chairs then update my 6 teak chairs and get rid of those. It feels so good to get rid of pieces - my green rocking chair will go to Karen, my turquoise kids chair will go to Asim (his sister just had a baby this weekend!) and hopefully the black chairs will find a new home soon enough!

Latest News About TBD

I registered http://www.thriftybydesign.ca last week. Right now it redirects to my Blogger account. I'm hoping to work on my personal site and then the TBD site in the next while. I also started designing business cards... Just gotta keep getting stuff done!

Getting things done

Slowly but surely it's all coming together! Yesterday I went up to Sechelt and did a quick sweep of the 2 thrift shops - first to the St Mary's Thrift Store and then the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I really wanted another pillow to update for the kids rocking chair. Thankfully I found a pillow for $0.50! I just loved the turquoise chair with the accent pillow - the pillow definitely added some fun to the chair. And now I can do the same for the bright blue rocking chair.

This time I didn't recover it but was able to make a pillow cover for the form. I love using this piece of wool that I bought at Fabricland over a year ago - it's a gorgeous brownish colour that's perfect for felt applique work. I only have small remnants left but did manage to have enough for this pillow cover.

I had a minor mishap though... I cut out my pieces then worked on the felt applique. I used my machine to sew the pieces together then found it was uber tight so struggled to get the form in my cover. I ended up picking it apart and then did a buttonhole stitch using some bright floss around the edges. I think both pillows look fabulous and really the stitching is super fun - which is what you want for kids' stuff!



A Quick and Dirty Update

I bought this frame last weekend for $1. I knew I wanted to paint it black to go with all of the other pieces I've been updating. The glass has a slight imperfection unfortunately but not a big deal since it was so cheap! Once it was painted, I gave some thought to what I should put in it.

I ended up scanning an old black and white photo of my parents. I sent it off to London Drugs for printing - it cost $1.50 for the print. Voila! I'm done...


Project Update

Back in the summer, I bought these chairs for $5/each. I had some issues with the reupholstering so left them for a bit. Well they are DONE! Finally! I used the Ikea fabric from the drape I bought at the Salvation Army for $7. So far the drape has been used for 1 vanity seat, 1 seat, 2 chairs, 2 pillow covers - not too shabby!



It's so nice to see projects getting done! :-)


A successful challenge

Well my $5 challenge was a success! The update I did on the $4 kids chair and the $1 pillow looks uber cute! And a big thanks goes to my friend Karen who donated paint to the cause. I refinished the chair in turquoise - it's the perfect colour for this piece.


The $1 kids rocking chair I picked up at the Share Shack on Saturday also looks pretty darn good. I used a bright blue - it's so fun! This week I'll search for a small pillow to recover for this chair. A cute pillow really makes the difference!


And here's the cute couple...


I worked on the adult sized rocking chair today - roughing it up with some sand paper then did a light wash of grey paint. I might beat it up some more next weekend to make it more shabby and old looking.

It's a definite improvement from the mucky, icky brown I got it in. Not bad for $5 and some free paint... Although there was the 2 days of labour trying to get the paint off. Even paint stripper didn't do the trick... At least there's always plan B!



Now I just need to find homes for the 3 chairs I refinished this weekend.


An update on the $5 challenge

Saturday was sanding and priming. Today was painting. Karen gave me some paint for the chairs - green for the rocking chair, bright blue for the kids rocking chair and turquoise for the kids chair. I'll touch up the paint tomorrow then be ready to seal them. I'll need to shabby chic the green rocking chair next weekend. They definitely look fun! And my swanky pillow update will fer sure suit one of the kids chairs.


Project Update

I picked up new drawer handles for my side dresser this week. I'm not sure they work. I think I'll keep the original drawer pulls for now then wait until I find the right set. I want to be particular after all of the work I did on this piece.

The $5 challenge

I have projects galore happening again this weekend! It all started with a $4 kids chair I picked up at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop this week. I had to drag it on the bus then ferry to get it home, which definitely was an interesting conversation starter. I don't have any children but for $4 I thought this item had definite potential and I know I can find a good home for it.

Then Friday I dropped by the Salvation Army and picked up this $1 heart pillow. I knew I could recover it and package it with the kids chair. It's quite an ugly pillow but again - lots of potential!

Here's the $4 chair and $1 pillow - my $5 challenge for the weekend...

And here's the chair sanded and primed with the pillow covered...

I went to the Share Shack (aka the dump) yesterday for a break with my ultra fabulous friend Karen. Oddly enough I found a kids rocking chair for $1 that I scooped up so now have 3 chairs to be refinished this weekend.

After I got back from the Share Shack, I started working on projects - I have quite the assembly line happening. I touched up my foot stool, magazine rack and this metal frame I bought for $1 on Friday. I'll post before and after shots of the frame later. I'm going to get an old photo of my parents printed to sit in it then it will be good to go. Check out the deck!

Today will be a painting day! Hopefully I'll be able to post the finished projects today or tomorrow... :-)


And then there were two

My ultra kewl vanity seat is alone no more. It now has a friend. As I was staining my side dresser, I was able to finish up my foot stool. So efficient I know! In-between coats of stain, I painted the foot stool. And it looks super fun!



I think painting the foot stool really took advantage of the details carved into the stool. It looked so dated before but now looks very modern. Not bad for approximately $10 and a few hours of labour!

Here's the foot stool with my vanity seat. Looking pretty darn FAB!

Next weekend I plan to work on my $5 rocking chair. I had to admit defeat on this one... The paint just would NOT come out - I tried paint stripper to no avail. I have a plan now for this one - here's hoping it works out! :-)


Recent Finds

I have found some neato items at the thrift stores lately. I picked up this vintage magazine rack for $3. It was a brass colour - I sanded it yesterday and the brass colour peeled off. It got a little messy! I decided to spray paint it black since I'll probably have it with my vanity seat/foot stool pieces.



Here's to next weekend and getting more projects out of the way! Happy crafting!

Sometimes you need to take the PLUNGE!

Today was glorious - and full of accomplishment! Mid-February and it was sunny, dry, mild... So what else do you do but drag some furniture refinishing projects outside and get at 'er! I must have had 3 or 4 projects on the deck and well I sanded, painted, stained - it was a project frenzie!

After a few weekends of sanding, I decided it was time to stain my side dresser. I was a teeny bit nervous since I didn't want to mess it up. But then really if the stain didn't work then I just had to re-sand the piece and try plan B...

I love the stain I picked up. My friend Thelma and I went to Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. The guy there was super FAB! We must have tried 4 stains then found this one - Ipswich Pine. It's perfect. I found this photo in a Home and Garden magazine - this was my inspiration for the finish.

My side dresser is close to complete. Now that it's stained I can see the drawer handles don't suit the new finish. They're pretty darn boring. This week I hope to find new drawer handles then I can seal the finish, update the handles and be done!



It feels really great to get something done for a change!


Projects galore!

It may not seem like it but things are moving forward these days! My side dresser is 90% sanded - this is where being anal about things gets in the way of getting projects done. I'll finish the sanding this week then stain it next weekend. Staining is not something I want to do with little time to devote to doing it well.

Project Update

My fabulous Dad is going to rewire my mahogany floor lamp. He picked up the supplies last week. This week I hope to start sanding and refinishing the mahogany. I'm going to use the same stain as my side dresser. Once the mahogany is refinished, Dad can rewire the lamp. And then I can work on the lamp shade update.

Also in the works is my mystery box from a couple of weeks ago. I sanded and stained it but now have to figure out what to do with the inside - I need to add shelves or some sort of organization system. And then refinish it. I thought I could paint the inside and leave the outside as is. Who knows...

And this is the exciting update - I found a foot stool at the Salvation Army last week for $8. This is the perfect piece for my Ikea fabric that compliments the vanity seat I updated. Yesterday I took a break from sanding and reupholstered the foot stool. Next weekend I'll sand, prime then paint... I'll be painting it black like the vanity seat.



PS. I've been neglecting my sewing... I definitely need to get back to it!