What is it?

This week I found a few items at the thrift shops... Actually all of my purchases were found at the Lions Gate Thrift Store in North Vancouver. I spent $10 for a metal hook, a wool toque, a black vintage purse and then the below item. I'm a bit stumped as to what this piece was used for. It looks like a handmade wine rack but who knows!

The box part is well made so I'm going to sand the wood then stain it this afternoon when I work on the side dresser. I have no idea what to do with the white tubes - thank god they came out of the box! I wonder if I can somehow refinish them - maybe paint them. I have no idea. The white tubes with the wood looks strange. It'll be a fun mini project for $4!

Once I sand and stain the box then I'll give some thought to adding shelves or maybe wheels. I'd like to keep it in this corner spot in the kitchen - it fits perfectly.

Finding Inspiration

I bought this metal hook for $1. It's like the 3 metal stands I bought last year at the Happy Cat Haven that I spray painted black. I bought this thinking I wasn't sure what to do with it but for $1 I couldn't resist! Then I saw this link on Nonpariel - it's for the crosbie and they have very kewl hooks. Now I am so glad I bought the hook! I just need a funky board that I can add it to then hang it somewhere. Oh exciting!

Now I'm off to do some errands then I'll be sanding furniture. :-)


  1. Wow I had no idea that oak dresser had been COVERED in paint. What an amazing job you got it all off. It is beautiful now. K

  2. Thanks Karen! I love the dresser now... I might add another coat of stain then seal it up. It'll be one of the few pieces that I keep! :-)