Oh I'm feeling the craft vibe is returning

I'm getting back on track with my crafts. This week my work buddy Deb loaned her trusty iPhone to me. I wanted to get some product photos of my sleeves. My 'be mine' gift card holder found a new home - my sister nabbed it last weekend. I'll have to make some more... Maybe come up with some fun sayings to add to them. So gift card holders, iPhone/iTouch covers, wine bags... It's all gonna happen. I'm really dying to have warm, dry weather so I can drag my furniture projects outside and get those done. I'm getting pumped about finishing projects and getting some new craft adventures on the go!

Product Photos

Here we go! The photos turned out well - I need to take more 'action' shots and try for various angles. So much to think about if I want to get on the Etsy train! This weekend I think I'll make a few more sleeves like the floral one...

Adventures at Ikea

Last week my friend Katherine and I went to Ikea. Holy smokes - it's been YEARS since I was there. My main objective was to pick up a set of plates. I was a little nervous about being tempted to buy tons of stuff but I got out of there with minimal items. I got my plates, some cheapo slippers and then I bought some fabric. I had to! The fabric would be great for a reupholstery project to go with my vanity seat. I paid $4 for half a metre. Now I just need to find the right piece of furniture!

This is the fabric...

These are the seats I reupholstered with the Ikea curtain I bought at the Salvation Army...


  1. Hey you did well on your trip - that fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Anny! The fabric is super fun and cheap... Now I just need a piece of furniture that needs an update!

    Although I want to try and finish some outstanding refinishing projects ASAP. Hopefully the weather stays a bit dry and mild then I'll be able to drag furniture outside and get some projects done! :-)

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