The crafting continues - look out Etsy!

Nothing helps pass away the ferry trip from Gibsons to West Vancouver like finishing up some projects. I just sit peacefully doing my buttonhole stitch and before you know it the ferry ride is over. I've met a few people on the ferry because of the sewing. Some people just can't help but ask what the heck I'm doing. It's even better when I see my friends Stephanie and Pam since they're usually knitting up a storm and then I'm sewing. It's quite the party!

Project Update

My gift card holder and a couple of the iTouch covers are done. I love how you can use bright happy floss for the buttonhole stitch. It really adds some fun to your projects!



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  1. Denise...
    Happy New Year!
    Your projects look awesome. Well done! I enjoyed the New York Times article about Etsy too. Thanks for posting it.