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Happiness is a Swanky Pillow Set

I made these swanky pillow covers for a co-worker using the Ikea fabric I picked up at the Salvation Army not too long ago. She wanted them to go with a couple of Ikea chairs she has that have the same fabric. She was really happy!

More 'Coffee Love' Sleeves

Another co-worker wanted a couple of coffee sleeves for friends so I whipped these up on the weekend. I'm out of grey felt so used some brownish wool then did some felt applique. I'm desperate for more grey felt but Dressew didn't have any in stock the last time I dropped by. I'll have to get a bunch when they have it in!




Final Preparation for Xmas

I still have to wrap up gifts for my family. I bought my parents a gift card for a night out. Kind of boring but it's what they really like these days. I did a quick and dirty felt applique package for the gift card. Hopefully it'll be re-used or maybe added to the Xmas tree! :-)

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas!

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