Making the world a happier place through crafting

I know - I sound super cheesy but I really feel it these days. Lots of people want to discuss kewl thrift finds or their inner desire to do creative things. And people are really excited about re-engineering items that they thought were lost and beyond repair. It's all about going beyond Ikea or Old Navy and having something no one else has. Anyways I'm really excited about 2010 and getting MORE crafty!

Current Commissions

This weekend I had a few projects lined up. I didn't get everything done but I did finish up this very nifty cat stocking. I love the fishbones! And the snowflakes are the best accent for the stockings. I'll probably need to make more dog and cat stockings in the future! This one is for my friend Lisa who is giving it to her Mom.

I also made these booties for Lisa who has numerous pregnant friends - they're from the Benetton sweaters that keep giving and giving AND giving.

Now I'm off to do more Xmas baking. I think we're finishing off the truffles tonight and making thumbprints.


  1. LOL this is the first time I see fishbones on a stocking - how cuper cute!

  2. Thanks Anny! My friend Lisa LOVED the stocking! :-)