Craft purges, commissions and more

My Assembly Line Keeps Going

This weekend was busy with freelance work, volunteering, a couple of coffee dates and of course hanging out with Paul but I did manage to work on a few items. I'm getting commissions for pieces these days - very kewl! This weekend I put together a pair of booties for a friend with some cute sunshine buttons. This Benetton sweater was a great purchase - I've used the sleeves but still have the body of the sweater left. Next I'll be making a pair of pillow covers for a co-worker out of some Ikea fabric I picked up at the Salvation Army.

Once the booties were done, I decided to use up scrap pieces of felt and wool to make 6 more stockings. My Xmas stockings were a hit - all 8 are gone! I baked some absolutely fabulous shortbread with my Mom and stuffed the stockings with it. I'll post the recipe this week since a couple of people wanted it. Soon we'll be doing the big baking event - shortbread, biscotti... And truffles! I'll need to prep some more stockings and maybe try another pattern for a re-usable bag.

This pattern is great for using up scrap material! I made another snowflake stocking for my friend Karen then made the below using scrap wool (note: the bird stocking is already gone - I only finished it up last night too). I have 3 more in the works. Hopefully you notice that I'm getting to be quite the buttonhole stitch whiz. Who knew I was so anal and so patient... I never used to be!



My Purge Update

I was able to purge quite a bit last week. I'm still trying to clean house of booties, excess pillows, furniture. All my wine bags and stockings are gone, a couple of pieces of furniture are gone and loads of booties are gone. It feels good to pass the love on! And it means I can make MORE!

Recent Finds

I volunteered at the Happy Cat Haven book sale this weekend. I ended up buying this fabric for $1. It's definitely from the 70s. It was stapled onto a frame but I decided to take it off the frame since I was walking home and didn't want to cart it around for 45 minutes. Walking my rocking chair home during ferry traffic was enough! ;-)

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