Ode to 2009

Well I'm back online after a bit of a hiatus... And one filled with big life changes. That's 2009 for me! The best of times and the not so best of times. No whining on my part - 2010 is going to be full of FAB things I'm sure! I have a great appreciation and a deep gratitude for my family, friends and all the wonderful creative and work related milestones I've hit this year. I'm sure 2010 holds some kewl adventures for me!

Now that 2009 is done, I can learn from the bad stuff and grab all the good stuff that happened and continue on my craft journey. My big decision for 2010 is to set up an Etsy account. I'd like to test out my chops and see if I can sell some crafts online. First I need to think about items to sell - small, low end pieces that I can ship easily. Secondly I need to do some research on Etsy and all the details around it - shipping, pricing, etc.

If there's anyone out there who wants to share their Etsy experiences with me, feel free to send me an email at thriftybydesign@gmail.com.

Not sure if anyone's read this article but there's definitely a lot of press about Etsy these days...
That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work

Project Update

I'm back to sewing. I made 3 iTouch covers - they're more like sleeves that you slip your iTouch into. I also tried a gift card holder - maybe something fun I could sell. Not sure. I started the below this weekend using up wool and felt remnants.



Recent Finds

The thrift stores have been super lame these days. I'm hoping to track down something interesting soon!

Onwards & upwards! :-)


Sharing more craft love

Happiness is a Swanky Pillow Set

I made these swanky pillow covers for a co-worker using the Ikea fabric I picked up at the Salvation Army not too long ago. She wanted them to go with a couple of Ikea chairs she has that have the same fabric. She was really happy!

More 'Coffee Love' Sleeves

Another co-worker wanted a couple of coffee sleeves for friends so I whipped these up on the weekend. I'm out of grey felt so used some brownish wool then did some felt applique. I'm desperate for more grey felt but Dressew didn't have any in stock the last time I dropped by. I'll have to get a bunch when they have it in!




Final Preparation for Xmas

I still have to wrap up gifts for my family. I bought my parents a gift card for a night out. Kind of boring but it's what they really like these days. I did a quick and dirty felt applique package for the gift card. Hopefully it'll be re-used or maybe added to the Xmas tree! :-)

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas!


Making the world a happier place through crafting

I know - I sound super cheesy but I really feel it these days. Lots of people want to discuss kewl thrift finds or their inner desire to do creative things. And people are really excited about re-engineering items that they thought were lost and beyond repair. It's all about going beyond Ikea or Old Navy and having something no one else has. Anyways I'm really excited about 2010 and getting MORE crafty!

Current Commissions

This weekend I had a few projects lined up. I didn't get everything done but I did finish up this very nifty cat stocking. I love the fishbones! And the snowflakes are the best accent for the stockings. I'll probably need to make more dog and cat stockings in the future! This one is for my friend Lisa who is giving it to her Mom.

I also made these booties for Lisa who has numerous pregnant friends - they're from the Benetton sweaters that keep giving and giving AND giving.

Now I'm off to do more Xmas baking. I think we're finishing off the truffles tonight and making thumbprints.


Maybe I'm good at this crafting thing

I heard from my friend Karen last night. She took one of my snowflake stockings full of lotto tickets and Toblerone to a work party on Friday. Everyone had to bring a gift under a certain amount of money and people were allowed to steal gifts up to 4 times. Only 3 gifts (I think out of 20 or 25) were stolen 4 times and my stocking was one of them. Very kewl! I'm starting to think that I might actually be good at this crafting thing... Or at least not bad. :-)

Also I got a commission this past week for a doggie Xmas stocking. Hilarious! Maybe I should make some more if I have time. The doggie stocking is on the right with the bones. I'm also making more stockings in preparation for the big baking event with my Mom this week. The stockings have been a big hit and only cost about $1 in materials!

Recycled Material

I've decided to try and make more out of recycled material. I made these stockings out of the wool scarf I bought for $2 awhile ago. It's a gorgeous lush charcoal grey with red on the other side. I was able to use the side of the scarf for the top of the stocking. I think it adds a nice touch.

I created a second stocking using the fringe of the scarf. I'm not sure if this one worked out as well.

These were quick and dirty stockings to make since I cut out the front and back then did a buttonhole stitch along the edges. Pretty easy and they look kewl. By the way, this is the stocking template I'm using although I can't remember how much I enlarged it.

A Super Yummy Shortbread Recipe

Here's my Mom's recipe for shortbread - it's very yummy! I made more this week for my stockings. I have small bite-size cut outs that are perfect for packing into the stockings.

1 lb. butter
1 cup less 2 T icing sugar
2 T light brown sugar
4 cups flour

Cook at 300 for 15-20 minutes

Enjoy! :-)

Branded Baby Booties

Normally I'm not into branding babies but I made these for someone who works at Quest University Canada in Squamish. I included the logo plus some mountains along the side. They liked the booties and want a branded onesies so I said I could help them out!


Craft purges, commissions and more

My Assembly Line Keeps Going

This weekend was busy with freelance work, volunteering, a couple of coffee dates and of course hanging out with Paul but I did manage to work on a few items. I'm getting commissions for pieces these days - very kewl! This weekend I put together a pair of booties for a friend with some cute sunshine buttons. This Benetton sweater was a great purchase - I've used the sleeves but still have the body of the sweater left. Next I'll be making a pair of pillow covers for a co-worker out of some Ikea fabric I picked up at the Salvation Army.

Once the booties were done, I decided to use up scrap pieces of felt and wool to make 6 more stockings. My Xmas stockings were a hit - all 8 are gone! I baked some absolutely fabulous shortbread with my Mom and stuffed the stockings with it. I'll post the recipe this week since a couple of people wanted it. Soon we'll be doing the big baking event - shortbread, biscotti... And truffles! I'll need to prep some more stockings and maybe try another pattern for a re-usable bag.

This pattern is great for using up scrap material! I made another snowflake stocking for my friend Karen then made the below using scrap wool (note: the bird stocking is already gone - I only finished it up last night too). I have 3 more in the works. Hopefully you notice that I'm getting to be quite the buttonhole stitch whiz. Who knew I was so anal and so patient... I never used to be!



My Purge Update

I was able to purge quite a bit last week. I'm still trying to clean house of booties, excess pillows, furniture. All my wine bags and stockings are gone, a couple of pieces of furniture are gone and loads of booties are gone. It feels good to pass the love on! And it means I can make MORE!

Recent Finds

I volunteered at the Happy Cat Haven book sale this weekend. I ended up buying this fabric for $1. It's definitely from the 70s. It was stapled onto a frame but I decided to take it off the frame since I was walking home and didn't want to cart it around for 45 minutes. Walking my rocking chair home during ferry traffic was enough! ;-)