Some good news, some bad news...

Today was quite the day! I dragged out my chrome bar stools then a freebie coffee table I acquired ages ago. I'm always the optimist so I thought I could get both projects done in a jiffy... Uh no.

The Good News...

The freebie coffee table is nearly done. It had some red goop on it - I think it's maybe wax but I'm not sure. I was able to remove the red and add a subtle stain to the table. I think I'll sand it a bit more then seal it. It's gorgeous wood but I'm not sure I'll keep it. We'll see.



The Bad News...

I took the chrome bar stools apart. The chrome was easy enough to clean and polish. I then added batting to the back and seat to make them more comfy. Now I'm ready to upholster my funky fabric... Or so I thought! Alas the wood is that uber dense stuff that's impossible to penetrate with a run of the mill staple gun.

I now have 2 projects in limbo! Argh... I guess I'll need to get some swanky staple gun. I did end up going to Home Depot and they suggested carpet tacks. I'll give that a go but at some point I'll have to buy a new staple gun. Unless Santa sends one my way!

These are the stools and the fabric I picked out - I think they'll look super kewl once I get them done!

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