Oh happy day!

Yesterday was FAB! First my vanity seat was posted on Better After - very exciting since I always check that site for kewl transformations. Then I got some great comments on my blog and some new followers - thanks for that! And today I'm going to work on my chrome bar stools! I'll take photos of my progress - I'm hoping to get the update done today... Talk about pressure!

Other exciting news... I found more Ikea fabric at the Salvation Army last night! This piece is quite big (sorry I didn't measure it!) and I paid $3 for it. It'll be great for a reupholstering project once I find the right piece of furniture...

And then I saw a very funky nightstand at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get it but have been thinking about it ever since. Thankfully I had the girl's phone number so yesterday I called her and the nightstand is still available. I'm going to grab it this weekend. It's a gorgeous piece that she started to remove the paint from. I'm hoping to remove all of the paint and keep it au natural... We'll see what happens!

Project Update

I'm making mini felt Xmas stockings that I'll fill with Xmas goodies. I created a beta stocking (the one on the left). I simplified the stocking since the beta looks a little messy - I sewed the edges with my machine then hand-stitched the front and back pieces together.

The sewing looked pretty darn messy so I decided to buttonhole stitch the front and back of my other stockings together. I think it looks so much better now. The design on the stockings isn't overly Xmas-y but I'll do a few more with snowflakes, candy canes, etc on them then I'll make shortbread, biscotti, truffles - yum!

Happy crafting! :-)

PS I'm giving away a pair of booties - check them out and post a comment if you're interested.