My craft assembly line

This weekend is all about getting projects done efficiently. So much to do and as usual not enough time. I created some Xmas stockings a couple of weeks ago then cut up enough felt for 5 more stockings. Sometimes it's best to do a bunch of one thing at once and approach it like an assembly line. Yesterday I worked on the felt applique designs for each then this morning I ironed the black inside to the grey outside with some stitch witchery. That stuff makes things so much easier!

Here's the stocking I was able to finish this morning - 1 down, 4 more to go! I love the colours - grey, white and a bright blue!

Here are the front and back of the stocking that I buttonhole stitch together. My beta was more labour intensive and didn't look as elegant. A good buttonhole stitch is a thing of beauty!

Here are the 4 I'll be finishing up today (hopefully). The designs are fun and bright. Next I'll make some shortbread and other goodies to wrap up then put into the stocking as a gift.

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