Xmas in October!

I finally have a chance to post my latest adventures. The past 2 weeks have been a bit nutty. First off my hard drive died! Thankfully my iMac had 2 more weeks left on the extended warranty so I got a new hard drive and a new mouse (my mouse stopped scrolling up awhile ago) on warranty.

I'm working on Xmas stuff these days. The weather has been pretty wet lately meaning I won't have much of a chance to refinish furniture outside. I'll have to wait on finishing up all of the refinishing projects I've started. Now I'm in sewing mode!

I've made 4 wine bags in the past week - below are the 3 I created with a Xmas theme. I want to make more plus some felt applique Xmas stockings. Hopefully I can find time to get everything done! I'm also thinking of making some felt applique coffee sleeves - I'm sure I could make something fun in a jiffy.

Project Update

A couple of weeks ago I sanded and stained a scrap piece of wood to put on my metal tray. I'll have to secure it plus seal the wood since I'll probably use it to put drinks on. Hopefully it's not too basic an update - maybe I'll revisit the wood at some point. Right now my focus is on sewing then I'll come back to it.

Recent Finds

I bought this table cloth for $1 at the Salvation Army last week. It's a big piece of fabric with one teeny tiny hole in it. I want to re-engineer it into pillow covers. I'd to use the border somehow.

Free Stuff

Last week I was the happy recipient of a bunch of silk from my friend Anna. The piece of orange silk will be a donation to my Mom. It'll make a great accent pillow for their new couches and pillows.

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